Gift Ideas For A Diamond Anniversary

Gift Ideas For A Diamond Anniversary

Traditionally on a wedding anniversary, a gift is given to commemorate the wedding day. It’s on the 60th anniversary that a wedding gift of diamonds can be given, thus it is known as the diamond anniversary.

The diamond anniversary was first celebrated by the monarch, Queen Victoria, who celebrated her 60th jubilee as a diamond anniversary, demonstrating her commitment and marriage to her thrown. Not very long after this, the diamond anniversary caught on as an idea in the wealthier section of society, and ever since we have celebrated the 60 year mark of marriage.

The 60 year mark has become known to be special as it is very rare, thus it is aptly celebrated by the gift of the very rare gemstone, diamond. In common wealth realms, such as the U.K, you can even get recognised by the queen herself for this great and rare achievement.

So besides a glorious message from the queen, what else could you give to your partner or the couple as a diamond anniversary gift? The most obvious present is a diamond itself, given in the form of jewellery, such as a ring, necklace or earrings. If money is no problem, a diamond will look beautiful adorned upon your wife.

Of course, not all of us can afford a huge diamond. Instead, purchase jewellery with small sections of diamond – they will still look beautiful after all! 9 carat white-gold or silver jewellery adorned with diamonds are relatively inexpensive and still look gorgeous.

If you want something the couple both can use, a collection of commemorative 60th anniversary China is a good idea. They can be used upon your special day and then proudly displayed in your home as décor, beside the commemorative letter from the Queen.

Alternatively, if the couple like a small tipple, invest in some good champagne or wine to congratulate them on their anniversary. No matter what present your decide upon to give, it will certainly make the couples day.

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