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How To Choose Valentine’s Day Gifts: Jewellery

Looking to ‘woo’ your woman and romance her this Valentine’s day? Take her somewhere special and give her a special gift that she will treasure for the rest of her life. Valentine’s jewellery will certainly make her eyes sparkle with delight, as you romance her with your home cooking. Here’s a few ideas for Valentine’s jewellery…

Start Off A New Year And Life With A Wedding Proposal

New Year – the perfect day of the year to start off your new life by proposing to her. New Year commemorates the last year and the start of renewal (i.e. spring) or life, making it the perfect time to make those life altering decisions, such as a proposal.

Get A Diamond For Him This Christmas

The saying goes a diamond is a girl’s best friend, yet, many men like a nice piece of diamond jewellery just as much as any girl. For most men, a diamond does not have to be big and ostentatious; it can be small and shapely, adding a nice shine or definition to the jewellery. A diamond piece of jewellery makes a nice gift for any man at Christmas and will show year round just how much you appreciate him.

Fashionable Jewellery from Giorgio Martello

The Giorgio Martello jewellery collection is unsurpassable in quality and design. Using contemporary and traditional designs, it provides unique jewellery which is perfect for those who want to be more individual. Its unique designs are prominent in the world of fashion and have inspired many other designers.

Gift Ideas For A Diamond Anniversary

Traditionally on a wedding anniversary, a gift is given to commemorate the wedding day. It’s on the 60th anniversary that a wedding gift of diamonds can be given, thus it is known as the diamond anniversary.

Types of Natural Diamonds

There are in fact many types of natural diamonds available. ‘Types’ are a way of scientifically classifying diamonds by their level and impurities. Some types are quite common, whilst some are extremely rare. Diamonds are categorized into four types, type Ia, type Ib, type IIa and type IIb – these categories determine market cost and […]

How Brilliant Is Your Cut

Whilst most people assume a diamond rings cut is simply referring the shape a diamond has been cut into, it is actually something completely different. The shape of a stone is a matter of personal preference and has little impact on the value of the stone itself. Popular shapes of diamond rings change drastically over […]

How to Understand Diamond Ring Certificates

When purchasing diamond rings, many consumers are simply driven by the basic appearance of the diamond rings themselves. By understanding how to read the certificate that accompanies all quality diamond rings, you will not only be able to choose beautiful diamond rings, but investment quality diamond rings as well. The certificates that are prepared for […]

Buying Eternity Rings Isn't Always a Clear Cut Decision

While traditional eternity rings are set with diamonds, that is by no means a requirement. Some people simply appreciate the design of eternity rings regardless of what stones may be set within them. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to have eternity rings set with coloured birthstones, either in addition to or […]

How to Care For Diamond Rings 365 Days a Year

Wearing a diamond 365 days a year, can mean a diamond comes in contact with harmful dirt and can be accidently dropped and damaged – all of which can tarnish, damage or dislodge a diamond. Despite being one of the hardest substances on earth, a diamond still needs to be cared for. When diamonds are […]