What are Diamond Enhancements?

What are Diamond Enhancements?

Diamond enhancements alter the look of a natural diamond. They are used to change the colour, clarity, improve durability, add weight and to improve the overall appearance. When purchasing a diamond, the jeweller should inform the customer of any chemical induced alterations, as they significantly affect the price of a diamond.  If they do not do so, they are committing fraud.

Diamond enhancements are created by using manmade chemicals. Using a manmade chemical is obviously going to have an impact upon the price of a naturally created substance. However, chemical enhancements can improve the looks of a diamond and if you’re not worried about resale price or handing down the jewel as a family heir loom, then an enhanced diamond is the most economic way of buying a clear and aesthetically pleasing diamond. However, if you’re looking for a natural diamond, then it’s best to watch out for these ‘enhancements’, which can affect the resale price and alter the naturalness of the diamond.

There are a few ways of enhancing a diamond, including through bleaching, gamma/electron irradiation, infilling/fracture filling, lasering, oiling and irradiation. Bleaching a diamond changes the colour or removes it by lightening the diamond. It gives the jewel a whiter or lighter appearance. Gamma or electron bombardment is usually finished with a heating process, which can alter the colour and clarity of a diamond as well as any other features. Any other type of irradiation also helps to alter the appearance of the diamond. Oils and resins, natural and manmade, are used to fill in cavities in the diamond, in order to improve the aesthetics.

Infilling or fracture filling is the filling of braking cavities or fractures on the diamond’s surface, with manmade substances, such as glass and other hardened substances in order to improve durability and to modify the appearance as well as add weight. This enhancement process can obviously be used by scrupulous businessmen to sell naturally diamonds at a higher price, since the heavier a diamond is (naturally) the more it costs. However, since alien substances are inserted into the diamond, this changes the refraction of the diamond, making it an easy modification to spot by reputable jewelers.

Another process used is lasering, which removes any flaws or black inclusions within the diamond. Chemicals are then used upon the diamond to further eradicate any flaws.

If any of these processes are used upon your diamond, the jeweler should tell you on your invoice. If you want to find out before you go ahead and purchase that expensive diamond, simply just ask the jeweler if any enhancements have been made, or if it has been left untouched.

Remember, always shop at a reputable jeweler, as they will only have the highest quality diamonds and will always tell you if it has in anywhere been altered.

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