Get A Diamond For Him This Christmas

Get A Diamond For Him This Christmas

The saying goes a diamond is a girl’s best friend, yet, many men like a nice piece of diamond jewellery just as much as any girl. For most men, a diamond does not have to be big and ostentatious; it can be small and shapely, adding a nice shine or definition to the jewellery. A diamond piece of jewellery makes a nice gift for any man at Christmas and will show year round just how much you appreciate him.

Diamond jewellery for men is often simple, elegant and with definite angles, giving the jewellery a more masculine appeal. Usually in silver, male jewellery appears to be less showy than female jewellery, which is more often in gold, and goes well with darker suits which is the typical attire in the working world.

Diamonds don’t have to be necessarily only incorporated into rings for men, as they can be found in pendants, necklaces, tags, bracelets and cufflinks. All of which make perfect Christmas and Birthday gifts.

With pendants and necklaces for men, usually a simple or symbolic shape will be used with gently curved lines, giving a smooth but sleek look to the pendent. Reputable jewellery retailers often sell silver crosses, with softly planed angles, which give the cross a more 3d effect. A diamond at the centre finishes it off perfectly. Retro style pendants are also a favourite look for men, in particular the raised rectangle with the signature single diamond in the corner.

Silver and sterling silver bands are another option for him. From a single band with clean angles and a clean finish, featuring one diamond to a platted design with a rectangular slab featuring three small diamonds, you can see that diamond bracelets for men are clean and simple.

If your man is a suit wearer, cuff links for those special occasions might be for him. Silver cufflinks look stunning and complement a simple outfit. Cufflinks come in various shapes and designs, from square, rectangular, circular, triangular or curved and use various gemstones to compliment the shine of a diamond. A favorite of mine is a squared off triangular design, set with three diamonds, onyx on one cufflink and mother of pearl on the other. The contrasting stones look beautiful up close and from a distance, and certainly will look stunning on him during Christmas.

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