Start Off A New Year And Life With A Wedding Proposal

Start Off A New Year And Life With A Wedding Proposal

New Year – the perfect day of the year to start off your new life by proposing to her. New Year commemorates the last year and the start of renewal (i.e. spring) or life, making it the perfect time to make those life altering decisions, such as a proposal.

Proposing at the beginning of the year is a romantic gesture that will ‘woo’ your woman. And with a romantic gesture, such as a proposal at New Year’s, you need a romantic evening to accompany the proposal.

A proposal needs some planning beforehand, so decide first of all where you want to propose. Family events are always of a liability, so alone together may be the best option. However, proposing in front of the family for some couples can be joyful as they want to share it with their loved ones. But if alone is your preference, you can choose to propose alone at a traditional venue, such as a restaurant, at a New Year’s party or in your own home.

A New Year’s party is a great venue for proposing, as you can countdown the seconds to the New Year by telling her why you love her or want to spend the rest of your life with her, before proposing on exactly midnight. As everyone celebrates the New Year around, you’ll be celebrating your proposal and beginnings of a new life together.

If you are both quiet homely people, it might be best to propose in utmost privacy in your own home. Lower the lights, light some candles and make your lounge more sumptuous before you serve your home cooked romantic meal with champagne. Oysters speak the language of love, making them a perfect accompaniment to a romantic proposal. Then propose to her as the clock strikes midnight and you enjoy a glass of champagne together as the fireworks light up the night time sky.

Alternatively, take her to a romantic getaway for the weekend in the countryside, where you can be alone together. Plan ahead and ask the hotel to leave rose petals on her bed and order champagne for the proposal.

Not only do you have to plan the venue, you have to think about how you will propose to her and what ring to get her. A favourite engagement ring is a diamond ring, with a small to medium sized diamond, which she can wear 365 days a year as it won’t get in the way. A diamond will also sparkle beautifully in the night time of New Year’s, making her eyes sparkle with delight as she answers…

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